Calendar of the Upcoming Meetings on WWI by EHESS and DHI in Paris

Allons enfants de la Patrie,
a book by Manon Pignot
The new series of one-day-conferences organized by the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in collaboration with the German Historical Institute (DHI) in Paris is now available. The program of this cycle of meetings entitled “1914-2014” aims to support the research on Great War and stimulate the increasing interest about the topic from the perspective of a double “moment 14”. Each single conferences will focus both on 1914, i.e. on the social, political and cultural occurrences of the Great War, and on 2014, i.e. on methodological approaches and on social and political impact of the WWI memory in the history. This new series of conferences carries on the research interests of the group connected with the DHI and joins in the worldwide debate on WWI, which slowly gains visibility and importance with the approaching of the centenary.

All meeting will take place, starting from 9.00 a.m. at the DHI in Paris. 

Here the program:

1. November 19th 2012 - L’histoire militaire de l’entrée en guerre
Wencke Meteling (Marburg), Damien Baldin and Emmanuel Saint-Fuscien (EHESS)
2. December 3rd 2012 - L’entrée en guerre de la jeunesse
Aurore François (UCL & Ulg), Manon Pignot (Amiens)
3. January 7th 2013 - La mobilisation des empires
Richard Fogarty (Albany), Daniel Steinbach (Exeter)
4. February 4th 2013 - Les émotions de 1914
Hervé Mazurel (Paris I), Clémentine Vidal-Naquet (EHESS)
5. March 18th 2013 - L’entrée en guerre des neutres
Marc Frey (Jacobs University Bremen), Andrea Geuna (EHESS)
6. April 15th 2013 - Obéissance/désobéissance
Paul Simmons (Oxford), Nicolas Mariot (CNRS-CURAPP)
7. May 13th 2013 - Temporalités — de la guerre ou de la commémoration
Nicolas Beaupré (UBP Clermont-Ferrand)

Further information also here.