Great War on Carnic Alps. Photo reportage by Italo Zandonella Callegher

Like promised at the end of the last article featuring the book review of La ragazza del mulo / "The girl of the mule" by Italo Zandonella Callegher, we are today more than happy to show you the fantastic and rich photo reportage that the author of that book is now sharing with us and with the readers of World War I Bridges. Once again let us thank Italo Zandonella Callegher for his precious gift about the places of the Great War in the Carnic Alps.

1) Monte Croce and Nemes on the country border

2) QUATERNA, conquered on  May 22nd 1915 by Italian Army

3) Roteck Mountain

4) Frugnoni and Quadernà

5) Roteck – Monte Rosso, Cinese and Nemes Saddles

6) Descent from Mount Quaternà and Vallorèra for the battle on September 6th 1915 at the Roteck

7) The Cavallino Peak

8) Peralba Mountain from south

9) Mount Chiadenis

10) Mount Palombino with battle between 12th and 18th July

Photo courtesy: Italo Zandonella Callegher for all images.