A conference in Gorizia: the preservation of the Great War landscape

An exciting challenge for the whole memory the Great War, particularly meaningful for Italy, is what to do with fortifications and outdoor constructions that form a significant part of its heritage. The theme needs to be framed in its wider context, namely the 9th article of the Italian Constitution, the one related with the safeguard and preservation of the landscape as a strategic asset of the cultural heritage (one of the most inspiring, disputed and unluckily premonitory article of the Italian Constitution). A pioneer-conference on this topic took place in Gorizia last Friday, the 20th of April, and was organized by Istituto Italiano dei Castelli.

We really hope to share with you in the near future updates and proceedings of such conferences. The preservation of the cultural heritage of the First World War is indeed one of the key aspect we all have to deal with. If the war on the plain left only a few marks, due to the immediate clearance that followed the armistice, the war on the mountains left a complex, heterogeneous and difficult to manage set of buildings, artefacts and trenches that now deeply shape our mindscape and the landscape of Veneto, Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia,Trentino-South Tyrol up to the boundary line with Slovenia.

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