An International Survey implemented by the World Heritage Tourism Research Network (WHTRN)

The WWI British cemetery of Giavera - Italy
Recently we took note of a really outstanding project launched by WHTRN, the World Heritage Tourism Research Network based in Halifax, Canada. Everything gets underway from a global survey that each of us can take into consideration and can start to surf from this link. It seems this project is going to look at the main objectives in order to shape the remembrance of the First World War on the eve of the centenary. According to our point of view, the most relevant goal is the global coordination that may derive from this knowledge in an international frame, especially with relation to World War One tourism. The project team is composed by E. Wanda George, Myriam Jansen-Verbeke, Mallika Das & Brian Osborne. We highly reccomend to take a look at the above mentioned link.