Photo reportage #1: Forte Leone in Arsiè, Belluno

Photography is still today one of the main medium with relation to the story of the Great War. This post is first of a series that aims to gather small photo reportages (with a maximum of 8 pictures each) of peripheral or even unknown landmarks of the First World War. Professional and amateur photographers that are willing to share their images in a 100% First World War dedicated platform can write to this email address giving a small abstract of their work (place, country, main features, reasons of interest) and a zipped folder with the images in *.jpeg format in video resolution 72dpi (please in your email consent to World War I Bridges publishing your photos). It goes without saying that the long term purpose of this little digitale initiative is to crowd-source digital stuff to preserve the memory of the Great War and to channel the energies of professional or amateur photographers on this.

The following photo reportage about Forte Leone was kindly offered to World War I Bridges by Ugo Agnoletto. We warmly thank him for his gift.
This fort is located in Arsiè (Belluno). It was built between 1906 and 1912 as part of the so called defensive line "Brenta-Cismon" and armed as follows: 6 Armstrong 149/35, 6 pieces of 75/27 and 17 machine guns. Unarmed in 1916, it was defended by 242 members of the Italian alpine troops in 1917. After the battle of Caporetto, early November 1917, it was conquered by the Standschützen Meran and the Tiroler Landsturm corps. One year later, during the Austro-Hungarian retreat of November 1918, it was partially destroyed.