Commonwealth Cemeteries of World War I on Google Earth

Tezze British Cemetery
(Piave area)
A new set of digital resources is now available to map and localize the WWI British cemeteries, burial plots and memorials around the globe. The project was possible thanks to the joint efforts of CWGC (Commonwealth War Graves Commission) and World War One Centenary - Continuations and Beginnings by University of Oxford. The application, based on Google Earth, allows to search among the First World War cemeteries, to locate the one nearest to you (thanks to a typical service based on geolocalization) and to obtain information from the CWGC site about the specific site you're interested in. Secondly, this becomes also a way to map the impact of the Great War in some specific areas as well as the movements and the presence of the British Army. The project enables you to find also burial plots and war memorials thanks to overlaid pins on the map. There is also a tutorial video you could watch to learn more (for instance, you can sometimes go down to a Google Street View level and explore the area).