World War One and Cinema. An initiative by Cerpcos (CfP)

Spielberg's War Horse is set
during World War I
Here another interesting Call for Paper, this time focused on the relationship between WWI and Cinema. We guess many of you are thinking right now at War Horse, newly directed by Steven Spielberg, or at some other renowned film, even an older one, as the 1959  Italian Classic La Grande Guerra, by Mario Monicelli. The Great War affected however in many ways the cinematographic production since its outbreak till nowadays and combined fiction and reality according to the different publics and historical tastes. The multiplicity of forms, meanings, techniques and purposes of this relationship will be the focus of the conference organized by the research group CERPCOS, which will support also meeting with film technicians. 

Welcomed are Paper Proposal on the following topics:

- War movies as instrument of propaganda, which exert influence on public opinion
- Cinematographic innovations and developments
- 14/18 and cinema: real or fictional memory?
- How to recreate the war in the cinema (technical and scenic perspectives)
- Actors and characters: playing, dressing and make up
- Unconventional characters, from the outlandish to the animal
- Geographical and psychological war consequences in the movies
- Serving the France

A short presentation of the Paper along with indication on which of the above mentioned topics will be discussed and with CV should be sent to, before 15th April 2013.