The Photo Reportage about Monte Rite and Its Fort

As we announced in the previous post, The fort of Monte Rite and the “Museum in the Clouds”here follows a photo reportage about that mountain excursion. We remind our visitors that the travel suggestion related to the following photo reportage is available at this link
We take the chance to remember that you can always send your WWI photo reportages to World War I Bridges (just type in the contact form beside). Let's use this platform as a place where to gather photo reportages about WWI places as they are today. Thanks in advance for keeping in mind.

   1.The ascending path

    2. The Group of Bosconero

    3. View on Group of Bosconero

    4. Approaching the fort

    5. The fort

    6. The top of the fort

    7. Val Zoldana with a cloudy Pelmo

    8. View at north, on the Lake of Centro Cadore and the Piave valley