Now online the "Albo d'Oro" (Golden Book) of Italian soldiers fallen during the First World War

Military sanctuary of Nervesa
The news we're now pointing out is related to Italy and to a recent initiative run by the Ministry of Defense. Nevertheless we think it can somehow rise interest at an international level (without forgetting that World War I Bridges is an Italian platform that chose the English language only to easily build bridges and share knowledge around the First World War and its Centenary). It's now available on the portal of the Ministry ( the updated database of all the fallen soldiers of the Great War. Thanks to an accurate and friendly information retrieval system, users will be able to investigate around a given soldier: place and date of birth, place date and cause of death, special decorations, military unit and degree. The initiative can be connected with the digitization of the 28 volumes of the "Albo d'Oro" published by the so called Ministry of War at that time. In the next future similar accuracy is announced in providing reliable information about the burial places.