The macabre dance of the Great War. Satire and satirical portraits in an exhibition in Forte dei Marmi

Alberto Martini - Danza macabra europea
It will take place on the 27th of June the inauguration of the exhibition called “La danza macabra della Grande Guerra” (The macabre dance of the Great War. Satirical art works from the Isobella collection). The location is the very peculiar museum dedicated to satire and satirical portrait in Forte dei Marmi (Italy). The panel for the opening event is composed by Lodovico Isolabella, Elena Pontiggia, Andrea Tomasetig, Enrico Mannucci. With this exhibition we face a different side of the war with some of the artists who decided to use an expressive strategy very different from that of Otto Dix, for example. The question rising is if we better understand the contradictions and the tragedy of this conflict starting from a satirical point of view rather than from the inflamed atmospheres of the German painter. Of course the reality is that we need to take into account both artistic interpretations, yet without prejudice against the apparently lighter and smoother approach dictated by irony.

A work by Ezio Castellucci
The Italian exhibition curated by Cinzia Bibolotti, Franco Calotti and Linda Gorgoni Eufoni with the works belonging to the Lodovico Isolabella’s collection is giving the opportunity to see in one place the original paintings by Mario Sironi for the trench newspaper “Il Montello” and the rare series of 54 lithographed postcards by Alberto Martini entitled “Danza macabra europea”, a prominent piece of the collection. Just to give the idea of the abundance of the offer, we enlist the names of the artists hosted in the layout of the exhibition: Ezio Castellucci (beside his Kaiser on the top of a mountain of skulls), Claudio Bisi, Gabriele Galantara (founder of the famous satirical newspaper “L’Asino”), Antonio Rubino, Filiberto Scarpelli, Golia (Eugenio Colmo), Lorenzo Viani, Aroldo Bonzagni, the famous architect Gio Ponti, Giuseppe Scalarini, Francesco Cangiullo, Walter Trier, Eugène Ogé and the great German medal designer Karl Goetz. This exhibition is the third of a series commenced six years ago with a reconnaissance around “Le Mot”, the famous newspaper by Jean Cocteau and Paul Iribe, and continued with the exhibition dedicated to trench newspapers. We thank the “Museo della satira” and the collector Lodovico Isabella for giving us the opportunity to share with our readers some of the images from the exhibition.

“La danza macabra della Grande Guerra”
Forte di Leopoldo I - Piazza Garibaldi
Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)
T. 0584 280262 (Offices) 0584 876277 (Museum)
27 June – 28 September 2014
All days from 5pm to 8pm and from 9pm to 12pm (On Sunday also from 10am to 1pm)