"Neutrals at war, 1914-1918. Comparative and transnational perspectives" (CfP)

Source: Legacy Americana
What about neutral countries in World War One? In this month, May 2015, Italy will probably remember one hundred years after the beginning of its war (May 24). This means that for Italy the war begins after ten months of neutrality. It's quite a long time. All people having even a small familiarity with the Italian history know about the never ending debate between interventionism and neutrality. Beside the extremely singular case of Italian neutrality period in 1914 and early 1915, what could we say about countries like Switzerland, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands? Which was the role of Albania and who remembers the point dedicated to Albanian territory in the Treaty of London of 1915?  What did being neutral mean in the first global war? There are several questions that could rise around the status of neutrality after the escalation of war declarations coming after July 1914. The Call for Papers we recommend today is about these and many other aspects (the first deadline for abstracts is 15 June 2015).

See here for the complete text of the Call for Papers.