Dissenting Voices and the Everyday in the First World War. CfP and conference at The National Archives

Mutilated soldier, Germany, 1920
It's a three day event to be held at The National Archives in September 2016 but the deadline for proposals is approaching fast (15 October 2015). As we read here in the Call for papers, the "conference will examine the Home Front during the First World War. It will look at those who were left behind, and explore life and society in the immediate aftermath of the war. The conference will bring together academics, independent researchers, community groups and museum curators, among others, to generate dynamic discussion and networking opportunities. The event provides an opportunity for delegates to showcase recent research, foster new collaborations across the country and between different groups of researchers." We refer to the same document in the site of The National Archives for a complete list of themes explored by the conference.

We think it's necessary to stress once more the fact that this conference brings in the same place researches coming from different (and even far) environments. As far as we've detected so far, this is not the most common way of conceiving a conference.This 2016 event is the result of the organization efforts of The National Archives together with Everyday Lives in War Engagement Centre, on behalf of the five national World War One Engagement Centres funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.