First World War one day itineraries through Italy. Suggestion no.20: The Monument area "L'isola dei Morti" in Moriago della Battaglia

It is not actually what people could consider a “one day itinerary” what we suggest today, but nobody prevents you from spending in this place a full day. When you travel the concept of time you spend in a place can be really variable. And while travelling in the Venice area and in the Treviso province in particular for your WWI battlefield tour, you might consider a stop in the village of Moriago della Battaglia, along the left bank of the river Piave. This was an area dedicated to agriculture and in October 1918 became strategic in the final stages of the conclusive Battle of Vittorio Veneto that ended the war in the Eastern front. Today this river side area is a Monument area. “A strip of land which juts out towards the stony bed of the river Piave, once known as the “Isola verde” [Green Island]. Here, on the night of  26 October, 1918, the courageous men of the 1st Infantry Division, with  brigades from the 8th Army close behind, crossed the river at Fontana  del Buoro, creating a bridgehead which made it possible to liberate the left bank of the river. Hence the new name, “Isola dei morti” [Island of  the Dead]. Today it is a memorial area with monuments and parkland commemorating the sacrifice of so many young lives, set amidst a stunningly beautiful natural environment which features walks, mature  trees, meadows and of course... the imposing River Piave ” 

We just want to leave you with three essential tools to organize a trip that can be undertaken in all seasons:

a) The localization in the village of Moriago della Battaglia;

b) A link where you can see some pictures of the area;

c) A PDF leaflet by the project (in English and Italian) where to get important information and from where we took the above part in italics.