"Nella demenza che non sa impazzire". Live reading of a short poem dedicated to World War One along the Piave

The video below replaces the one with similar content posted on December 30, 2015 on this blog site. The reason of this change is basically due to the better quality of images and sound. 

The video was taken from the reading of the last 19th of March in Treviso, Italy. It can be considered an experiment resulting from the combination of the short poem "Nella demenza che non sa impazzire" (taken from the book Pertiche by Alberto Cellotto) and the percussionist Lucio Bonaldo. We apologize that this piece is only in Italian. This short poem is fundamentally a text born running along the river Piave and running over the few signs of the Great War remaining today in this landscape.

Lucio Bonaldo - percussion sets
Alberto Cellotto - voice
Italy, Treviso, Sala Luigi di Francia
March 19th, 2015