The Great War Channel on YouTube (and Mexico in WW1)

2017 has begun and still two years of "celebration" of the First World War Centenary are left. What after? And what during these two remaing years? One of the goals of this web site is to detect some initiatives and keep an eye open on what's going on around and what's worthy of mention. We try to produce also some new and useful contents. Beside of that, another goal is to remain after the Centenary as a possible starting point for people looking for resources and particular topics about that conflict. Among what is whorty of notice, we could point out the collection of short videos "The Great War", a Berlin based YouTube project still today meaningful in the digital panorama. Of course many debates can rise on the accuracy and on the editorial slant. Anyway, here below are the main contacts and finally a curious video about "Mexico in WW1".