"Animals in the Great War”, the forthcoming eBook in Italian and English

Imperial War Museums - The British Army on the Western Front 1914-1918
A kneeling soldier is lifting up a pet dog in his shrapnel helmet, 22 December 1917

"Animals in the Great War” is a forthcoming eBook in Italian and English, edited by Se*, that will be available for free download.
Looking at the First World War from the standpoint of the animals that took part in it, allows to emancipate the Great War from textbook narrative, often exclusively focused on the European fronts and the defeats or victories of single nations.
It is an educational tool, which aims to provide the means to shift the focus to subaltern subjectivities, encouraging a broadening of horizons not only about a single historical event (namely the WWI), but also for looking more widely at the facts that surround us.
This project was one of the three winners of “Europeana Strike a match for Education”, a competition promoted by the cultural network Europeana and the civic crowdfunding platform for social innovation Goteo. As result it is involved in a global crowdfunding campaign, which - we trust - will provide money for a completely free publishing.
Your help to reach this goal is crucial, especially in these first weeks of campaign.
Please, let this project reach the widest possible audience through your social networks and back “Animals in the Great War” with a donation at the crowdfunding campaign page: http://goteo.cc/animalsgreatwar

*Se is an Italian cultural association, which aims to promote the knowledge and study of Twentieth-century history. Find out more at Associazione culturale Se