The Italian sound art installation INSIGHT will 'sound' even across the border

Press release


Thursday the 15th June, at NAGN – National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia. 
Saturdaythe 1st July, at Mosede Fort & Museum, Greve, Denmark.


B#SIDE WAR, the diffuse artistic and cultural Festival promoted by IoDeposito Ngo, has achieved a new international goal: Insight, sound art installation by Joshua Cesa, lands to Namibia on the 15th June and to Denmark on the 1st July. These two days are dedicated to the inauguration of two of the seven installation's bells, which have been donated to NAGN- National Art Gallery of Namibia and to Mosede Fort & Museum of Denmark. In fact, Insight is the protagonist of an international dissemination project: the ‘sensorial - auditive stations’ will take new routes, stimulating new keys to interpretation. Presented in Italy during the B#SIDE WAR FESTIVAL's second edition, the dissemination project is now oriented to an international network of partnerships with cultural institutions involved with subjects and issues covered by the artist Joshua Cesa. Thanks to this new horizon, the Italian Ngo IoDeposito and its B#SIDE WAR FESTIVAL crosses national border again and stays tuned to innovative and interactive contemporary art expression. With exhibitions, avant-garde artistic perspectives and international research projects IoDeposito carries on its missio through Festival's third edition, focused on the Great War and its legacy to contemporary society and new generations.

Insight is a sound installation, a sensory, narrative, auditive and visual path, a precious and vibrant relational architecture based on the perceptive stimuli of light art and sound art. Cesa's work aims to involve visitors through senses and feelings, in order to trigger an intimate and polyphonic reflection about what conflicts victims have lived. Inspired by the literary evidences of 1914-16, the artwork contributes in investigating the collective and individual memory of the first global conflict, starting from the sensorial polarity sight/deceptive – hearing/salvific, detected into the evidences of the past and common to all the conflicts of the short century. And it's exactly this polarity the main resource of vistor's interactive experience: Cesa’s installation -with Alessio Sorato and Lorena Cantarut sounds- puts in direct contact with the experiential ghost of the conflict, which is narrated by the reproduction of First World War's auditive prints through seven different ‘sensorial-auditive stations’.

The international donation project of the Insight's ‘sensorial-auditive stations’ is based on the assignment of sound concepts to the local history of different countries, in order to connect each bell to the specific history of the land and stimulate new artwork's undermeaning. So, as a demonstration of artworks' universal value, each cultural location chosen (Denmark, Namibia and soon even USA, France and Russia) has recognized a piece of itself and its history in the sound concept of Insight. «The artist has worked with native testimonies, gathering direct life experiences» explains Chiara Isadora Artico, IoDeposito's president and B#SIDE WAR FESTIVAL's art director. The new artwork's geo-localization has, in fact, deep roots. About National Art Gallery of Namibia, the analysis of Great War human experience related to history of African conflicts has led to the choice of the Campana dello Stallo. The eternal repetition, the impasse condition -for example, the foxholes one- expressed in Italian war diaries' pages found here new perspectives thanks to the Namibians contribution. In this way, installed in the neutral, airy and metallic space of the Upper Museum, the sound art installation gives back a fragment of the African local history able to show inner affinity with Italian war testimonies. From comparative studies of Danish war dynamics, it can be investigated the dimension of countries indirectly afflicted by World Wars. The selected station for the Mosede Fort & Museum is the Campana dell'Attesa, which will become part of the important Danish museum's permanent collection. «The connection established between Insight and new cultural institutions' history» asserts the touched and satisfied Italian artist «it's going to create a new narration of the installation itself, but even of the absolute value of its universal message».

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