A new book about animals in the Great War

Press release:

The eBook Animals in the Great War, one of the didactic proposals that was developed by the cultural association Se, has been released and it is avalaible in both Italian and English versions.

Animals in the Great War responds to the association’s pledge to promote the history of the twentieth century, disseminating an inclusive knowledge that develops further secondary subjects that have been excluded from institutional accounts with the aim of expanding the definition of a discipline, in this case history, so that it is no longer the “science of man throughout time” but the “science of the living throughout time”.

It provides teachers and secondary school students with a tool, that offers updated references to develop line of study in the classroom whilst also offering a methodological support for individual or group work at home.

The eBook release was made possible by participating in the first international competition “Europeana Strike a match for Education” promoted by the Europena cultural network in collaboration with the Goteo civic crowdfunding platform and the proceeds from the funds raised, in which Animals in the Great War participated and was one of the three winning projects.

In order to receive a copy for free download (available formats: EPUB, PDF), please contact the cultural association Se to the following link contatti using “Animals in the Great War eBook” as subject line.

Attaching a dispatch on a carrier pigeon, 1917 
© ÖNB, Europeana Collection 1914-1918

Captured Italians bury horses lying on the street, 1917 
© ÖNB, Europeana Collection 1914-1918