Paola De Pietri at MAXXI with "To Face - Landscape along Austrian and Italian front of the First World War"

Sella di Somdogna - Paola De Pietri
If you are in Rome, if you drop by MAXXI, don't miss the exhibition dedicated to the recent work of the Italian photographer Paola De Pietri. For the first time in Italy the visitors can admire the 21 large format photos taken along the Austrian and Italian front of the Great War. The images belong to the project awarded with the prestigious Albert Renger‐Patzsch prize of the Dietrich Oppenberg Stiftun/Foundation. Landscape-wise, the work of Paola De Petri (Reggio Emilia, 1960) is one of the most prominent in the present Italian photography scenario. In this case the artist faces the silent landscape of the First World War along the once thundering lines of the Austrian and Italian armies. The signs of the Great War are still present, but they are slowly getting invisible to our eyes. In the long run - that's what the work of the artist seems to suggest - they could even disappear. After the death of the last veteran of the World War I, we are now getting closer to another event (this one avoidable), namely the sinking of the Great War landscape.

Paola De Pietri
To Face - Landscape along Austrian and Italian front of the First World War
curated by Francesca Fabiani

17 May - 30 September, 2012
Hall Carlo Scarpa, Maxxi, Rome